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download custom rom for asus zenfone 4

download custom rom Asus ZenFone 4-- for your Android-based smartphone users certainly you are bored with the look that's it in your phone, but now you can change the look by downloading a launcher that can change the look of your android smartphone, but it is even make your android smartphone performance is enhanced as more ram performance takes space for installing launcher \.

best solution that you can use a custom rom to change the entire look of your android, at this time I will share a custom rom for Asus ZenFone 4, this custom rom newfangled custom rom AOSP made by X Anwar WJR.

for those of you who want to try a custom rom for Asus ZenFone 4 guys there are several requirements that must be met, namely:

    # Asus ZenFone 4 guys in the root
    # already using os kitkat
    # understand and ever root use pc

if the above requirements are met, please download the materials:

    # Philz recovery installer
    # Link Download custom AOSP rom for zenfone 4
    # ADBtools

how to install:

  1.  install Philz apk installer in your phone
  2.  and data backup, can use titanium backup (if necessary, because it does not require data that is returned)
  3. adbtools extract material on your pc
  4. AOSP ROM extract material on your pc
  5. extrakan results AOSP rom you place it in the folder adbtools
  6. remember enable usb debugging on your phone
  7. connect your phone to pc
  8. reboot your zenfone 4 => hold and press the power button + vol +/- (to go into recovery mode Philz)
  9. The menu Philz select wipe and format option => costum format option => data format
  10. if completed select the power option => reboot bootloader
  11. then go to the folder where you extract a adbtools, tomobl press shift + right click => Open command here. (To open cmd, remember in the folder adbtools)
  12. type in cmd:
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img (enter)
  • fastboot flash system system.img (enter) wait until the process is completed
  • fastboot continue (enter)
     13. done :)

however there are some bugs in this rom, namely:

contact no scanning
# signal does not select automatic
# camera ngeblured
bluetuth fc when detecting other devices
some google apps FC but can be updated in playstore

well other than that no problems were excessive, but keep in mind I do not bertanggun responsibility for what happens on your phone, because the tutor is given about custom AOSP rom for Asus ZenFone 4 is already complete. DWYORbig thanks to:- Shakalaca for source AOSP ROM My brother to support X AnwariJr- All admin Asus ZenFone 4 T00I- X-TEAM dev- All users zenfone family- Followers- And you- X anwar w.j.r

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